Project Description

The Westgate Community



LOCATION: Tallahassee, Florida

SIZE: 5,250 sq. ft.

DESCRIPTION: low-income housing


  • Create a community

  • Distinguish between private and public spaces

  • Encourage personalization while providing privacy

  • Juxtapose nature and architecture


Future residents of the Westgate Community are seeking a refuge from their current circumstances and healing from the past. Transparency will inform the design to evoke a sense of serenity and healing. Natural light will flood into the public areas to act as a beacon of hope guiding residents through the space and to their home. Sunlight streaming into the interior space will inspire new beginnings and the opportunity to start fresh. In addition, the incorporation of natural elements and plants will encourage growth and new life. The presence of transparency will also inspire residents to be vulnerable with one another to create community. Communal areas and various seating options will encourage interaction between residents. The representation of transparency through design and architectural features will give residents the confidence and renewal they need to continue seeking a brighter future.

Ground Floor

The kitchen and dining area is a space to cook meals together and share conversations. In addition, the interior garden and potted herb plants in the kitchen encourage residents to contribute to a communal project and provide nourishment for something they care about. By separating public and private spaces, residents are given a sense of privacy and security while maintaining a sense of community. A new facade design incorporates natural materials, greenery, and glass. Allowing more natural light to enter each building makes the space feel larger and evokes a sense of optimism and rejuvenation.

Westgate_Level One Floor Plan
Westgate_Facade 1Westgate_Facade 2

Level Two

Custom built-in beds and desk spaces provide a sense of stability and structure for residents. Residents also seek to personalize their space, so a bulletin board to tack personal items on was incorporated into the built-in bed. A chalkboard next to the door allows guests to write friendly messages or identify rooms as their own while still remaining anonymous. Each door to an SRO is painted a different color to give the resident a sense of identity and make their room feel more like home.

Westgate_Level One Floor PlanWestgate_Bedroom Elevation
Westgate_Level Two Floor Plan


The Westgate Community was designed to be a safe haven that evokes hope and inspiration to the low-income and homeless population in Tallahassee, FL. Through effective space planning, incorporating natural elements, and encouraging community and identity, the design establishes a comforting and uplifting atmosphere for residents of the Westgate Community. Overall, residents will be inspired to see the potential for a brighter future as they realize the beauty of the nature around them and more importantly, the beauty and strength within themselves.

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