Project Description

The Oasis



LOCATION: Manila, Philippines

SIZE: 24,000 sq. ft.

DESCRIPTION: Boutique Hotel


  • Incorporate sustainable features and local materials

  • Create an escape from the industrialized city

  • Design a modern space while protecting the integrity of Filipino design

  • Emphasize biophillic design


The inspiration behind the design for this boutique hotel was derived from characteristics of an oasis. What makes an oasis? For the island of Luzon, it is the powerful eruptions of active volcanoes and the beauty that is left behind. It is a vibrant plant that inspired the name of the capital city. It’s the stepped pattern of a lush mountain range. It is every natural beauty, harmoniously woven into the boundaries of the country’s landscape that establish the Philippines as a rejuvenating oasis.

Level One

A spacious lobby welcomes guests into a crisp and relaxing environment. the monumental stair is accented by a custom glass pendant, water feature, and lush greenery. The first impression establishes a clean yet warm and inviting atmosphere for guests.

The Oasis_Level One Floor Plan
The Oasis_Level One Lobby
The Oasis_Spa

A spa located within the hotel gives guests the opportunity to have a truly rejuvenating experience. Soaking tubs, a sauna, and massage room offer a variety of amenities, while the yoga studio promotes health and wellness.

Level Two

The second floor continues the use of contrasting whites and warm woods, but also emphasizes the use of greenery. Two feature walls draw attention to the hostess stand and restaurant.

The Oasis_Level Two Floor Plan
The Oasis_Level Two Lobby

The Grain was designed around one of the most important foods in the Philippines, rice. This five star restaurant features a variety of rice dishes and a rice bar for a truly unique dining experience.

The Oasis_The Grain Restaurant
The Oasis_Lounge

Inspired by the filipino tradition of “tagayan,” sharing a glass among members of a group, “Tagay!” offers an intimate lounge experience and an upscale bar. A variety of seating arrangements and a circular bar design encourage the camaraderie found in Filipino culture.

As a continuation of the lounge, this circular bar encourages interaction and represents community. The bottle display creates a unique focal point that boasts a 360 degree view of the bar’s offerings.

The Oasis_Bar

Level Three

The top five floors of The Oasis are dedicated to guest suites. Warm woods and soft fabrics create a welcoming atmosphere while contrasting pops of white nod to traditional Filipino design. The king suites, located on each of the four corners, offer a truly luxurious experience. Each suite is complete with a wrap around balcony, soaking tub, and traditional wood-carved doors.

The Oasis_Level Three Floor Plan
The Oasis_Living Room

The juxtaposition of soft, warm materials with natural woods and stone creates a luxurious space perfect for relaxing after a long day. The wooden room dividers are reminiscent of traditional Filipino architecture, while crisp finishes and modern furniture create a contemporary design.

The king suite bedroom boasts clean, white linens and soft draperies. The dropped ceiling allows for the automated drapery to be completely hidden, creating a seamless design. A halo of light across the wooden ceiling evokes intimacy and relaxation, inviting guests to indulge in their stay and enjoy every feature the Oasis has to offer.

The Oasis_Bedroom


Elements of prominent landmarks around the island were used to define the atmosphere of an oasis in the hotel. Traditional Filipino architecture was incorporated to reference the past and preserve tradition. Biophilic design brings visitors closer to nature, while improving air quality and juxtaposing the surrounding cityscape. Organic forms and patterns represent growth. When guests enter The Oasis, they feel as though they have been transported into a mystifying retreat, providing them with even a brief moment of tranquility to escape from the urbanized city around them.

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